ScottMedia Web Solutions

About ScottMedia

ScottMedia has been in the Web Design/Multimedia business since 1998, working on a wide variety of projects such as large Web sites, PHP/MySQL programming, custom CDROMs, kiosks, video presentations, video effects, Flash games, Flash interfaces, and print design.

ScottMedia is headed by Brent Scott. When Brent is not working on projects for clients, he spends time teaching advanced Web courses at the University of Winnipeg's Professional, Applied, and Continuing Education (PACE), including HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Flash, XML, Photoshop, Graphic Design, Dreamweaver and Office courses. Brent has also taught many Web workshops at inner-city high schools in Winnipeg, as well as Northern Manitoba.

ScottMedia believes strongly in utilizing the latest Web Standards, along with accessible Web design, using technology to reach the widest possible audience of Web viewers. We feel that this spirit is lost on many Web Designers, who favour the "look" at the expense of the accessibility/usability of a site. ScottMedia also believes in "pushing the envelope" whenever possible, while ensuring that a Website will still work for everyone.